New book

Starting work on the next book. Which is kind of a rework of what Corey’s book was. Except I can’t port character parts over, plus I changed the heroine majorly, which changes conflict and therefore plot.

I was writing a scene the other night where the hero and heroine are flirting, or something. And I thought, it will be so interesting to see these two get together because I have no idea how to bridge that divide.

I don’t pre-plan my book past character development. I think everything comes from that. And even sometimes I don’t fully figure out the character issues until I’m half done a book. I was half into Complications over Coffee before I knew what Corey’s inner demon was. And then the whole thing came together. Total ah-ha moment.

Anyway, I’m floundering around now while I try to figure out what the hell this book will be about. The one after it, is a piece of cake but requires this one for an introduction of sorts.

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