Free Second Chance Romance

Since Second Chance Romance is distributed to the world minus Amazon via Smashwords for free, Amazon said it was doing a price match.

So, Second Chance is Free on Amazon.

And I have it categorized as Erotica. Therefore, I got 10,000+ downloads yesterday. Another thousand this morning. It was #1 in Erotica, and #17 on the Kindle list.

I can’t check what it is this morning because I’m refusing to look. I’m refusing to look because I don’t know if there are new reviews. I dont’ want to read reviews. I’m more or less happy with the book. I don’t know what others will think of it. I don’t what people will think of it being listed as erotic. There are three or four sex scenes and one of those is anal.

I think that reviews will hurt me, but they do. I take them personally. I am disappointed when people say they don’t like it. And I don’t want to be one of those authors that goes crazy and starts yelling about negative reviews. So I’m not going to look.

It’s been a weird day for me. Summer Fling and Complications over Coffee are up as well. Not huge, like 20 books each, but that’s more than I usually get in a month.

I haven’t seen an uptick on blog traffic either. We will see in the next few weeks what happens.

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2 responses to “Free Second Chance Romance

  1. Debbi

    I understand putting yourself out there can be hard; I’ve been posting my stories on the Web for years and taking the hits, both good and bad. It’s hard to read the negatives, but they can also be helpful into making you a better writer. I’m one who left a review on Amazon, not to hurt you, but I felt my opinion had to be said. Remember, it IS just our opinions so if you do read, try to take to heart the constructive criticisms and the praise. Most people tend to review by posting both good and bad points.

  2. asraidevin

    Hi Debie,

    I have no idea what your review said. I cannot look at it unless I trust myself not to get emotional. I am aware of the flaws of my book. But I’ve also heard from readers who say they loved my characters and stories.

    Also opinions are personal. I know the aren’t personal opinions on my person, but I as an author I am emotionally attached. I can’t do it.

    Thank you for your comment and the review. I think honest reviews are necessary.

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