About Writing Life

If you are here looking for perfect writing,  you’re living in a fantasy land. The writing isn’t perfect, everything can always be better. The covers aren’t professional.It’s your imagination that does the work.

What I do have are some great romances. I love love. I love writing about love. I love the crazy feeling when two characters refuse to admit they love each other. While nothing is ever “happily ever after”, there is always a day when you feel nothing could be any better than where you are now.

Asrai started writing romantic, erotic fiction as a young woman while she fantasized about all the boys who would never give her the time of day. When she finished her NaNoWriMo project of 2008, she decided to share it with the world- her first novel length fiction. She also writes short erotic fiction for her blog Smut and the Dirty Girl. She likes to watch her husband cheer on the Calgary Flames while she comes up with her next fantasy situation to turn her on.

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One response to “About Writing Life

  1. poetry4597

    I am also a writer of erotica and romance as well. I have yet to finish a project but I am now in the process of becoming more “serious” about my craft. Reading this gives me inspiration. It can be hard sometimes to sit at a computer and get all your thoughts and creativity into words hours on end but seeing that you completed projects gives the inspiration I need to complete my projects as well.


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