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99 cents doesn't undervalue me

Amazon Kindle 2

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Since going free on the kindle Second Chance Romance has  been downloaded a lot. The other two are selling well.

I almost regret not being totally obscure anymore. I feel like people are watching me now. Whereas before I used it as a way to hone my craft.

I’m only making 35% on each sale via Amazon.

Some people would argue that I should raise my prices to 2.99 and get the 70%. But, I’m not going to.

Artists are not entitled to a certain amount of money. No one is. I am not in this for the money. No writer can start out that way. I write because I love it. I have to write. I may even submit to a publisher someday. My books may be the best example of indie work is sub-par.

At least I’m giving it a shot. I am evolving and growing.

If my had not gone Free, I would have been sitting at 50 sales a month give or take. After the initial blitz I still might fall back to that.

Any money I get from this is gravy. Most writers say they can’t make it as ONLY a writer. I’m reading Hugh MacLoed’s book “Ignore Everyone” and he says “artists” have 2 jobs: their creative, fun job and a job that pays the bills.

I’ve heard the argument that if you sell your book for .99 it’s undervaluing the work you did. Your work is worth more than 99 cents. There was hours and hours.

To one person my book might be worth $5 or $10 or $20. To someone who doesn’t like romance, it’s not worth the energy and bandwidth it would take to download my book to their e-reader. To me, no book is worth $20. I will never buy a hardcover.

When you buy a physical book, you aren’t paying the author for their time. The publishing house did that already, now they’ll get a kickback for letting a publishing house licence their words to someone else. (Publishing is a really messed up system if you really look at it). When you buy a hardcover the author’s portion is like 15%. Puh-leaze.

99 cents isn’t undervaluing myself. Readers don’t want to pay 2.99 for an unknown with three books out. When I have 10 releases, when I have an established platform, I can charge $5 if I want.

I don’t have an established platform. I’m not writing material that is really popular (paranormal). My heart is not there. My heart right now is in these hockey novels. After that, i have an idea that I’ve had for a long time (I got it while I was working on Summer Fling) for a paranormal type. I am in love with the idea, but I had to do the hockey first.

I am not saying all new self-published author’s should release their books at 99 cents. I’m not saying it’s bad to list your first book at 2.99 or 4.99. If it’s right for you, go for it. I have thought about this for a long time. Under 2.99 is what I think is a fair price.

As for free, the turn around in downloads and sales has explained to me that free really does work. My next plan is finish my last of three short stories I have for free and bundle them for the Kindle. Maybe four short stories, I have a Up in Flames short story regarding SPOILER. Can’t tell you yet.

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Free Second Chance Romance

Since Second Chance Romance is distributed to the world minus Amazon via Smashwords for free, Amazon said it was doing a price match.

So, Second Chance is Free on Amazon.

And I have it categorized as Erotica. Therefore, I got 10,000+ downloads yesterday. Another thousand this morning. It was #1 in Erotica, and #17 on the Kindle list.

I can’t check what it is this morning because I’m refusing to look. I’m refusing to look because I don’t know if there are new reviews. I dont’ want to read reviews. I’m more or less happy with the book. I don’t know what others will think of it. I don’t what people will think of it being listed as erotic. There are three or four sex scenes and one of those is anal.

I think that reviews will hurt me, but they do. I take them personally. I am disappointed when people say they don’t like it. And I don’t want to be one of those authors that goes crazy and starts yelling about negative reviews. So I’m not going to look.

It’s been a weird day for me. Summer Fling and Complications over Coffee are up as well. Not huge, like 20 books each, but that’s more than I usually get in a month.

I haven’t seen an uptick on blog traffic either. We will see in the next few weeks what happens.

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Srsly? FML.

funny pictures-broken heartsee more Lolcats and funny pictures, and check out our

My library got digital borrowing today. Went on, found two books, plugged in my Kobo e-reader.

It connects then disconnects. Now it is stuck in a loop of rebooting.

I called Kobo, they are sending me a package to send it to them. 5-10 days to get here, 5-10 days back to them, X days to get fixed, aother 5-10 days to get shipped. I have no idea when I’ll get it back. (BTW they have great cusyomer service).

F M L.

I’m alternating between anger, incredulousness and wanting to cry.

Seriously Kobo? I’m hoping once the battery dies, it will magically get fixed that way. i’m also going to check forums today and see if anyone has had the same issue and a fix.

Happy First Day of Spring Break.


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Complications Over Coffee

Corey has gone live.(Click those words if you are as excited as me, it’ll take you to the buy page on Smashwords).

It feels a bit anti-climactic for me, after having spent several months with him. I’m a little sad to let him go, I loved writing this book. Twice. I wrote his story, started editing, and then had a better idea.

You can grab the book  on Smashwords. Amazon takes a few days but I’ll post the link when it comes.

The short description:

Nicole received the news seven months ago: men are cheating scum. Corey has lived apart from others until he met Mandy Green, who has taken his confession for a family to heart. While Nicole struggles to finalize her divorce, find a job. Corey struggles with a hold on bachelor hood and his temper. Will Nicole and Corey keep their lives untangled? Or will they let their lives get complicated?

The long one is on Smashwords and Amazon.

I hope you all love Corey as much as I do.

Stay tuned I have ways for you to obtain a free copy (limited promotion probably the first weeks of March, 2011). 🙂 Or a free copy of a short story of after Complications.


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Anyone listening?

Novelr gives me  such great reading material. Like Michael Stackpole writing about writer’s whining about ebooks not paying enough.


I can go into a bookstore and buy a hard cover for $20-$30 (let’s say, probably more). Author gets their pittance of like $5 from that. The same book as an electronic is $12 which returns a little less to the author and sells less because the pricing doesn’t make sense.

I can buy electronically from Smashwords, Amazon and Kobo: 20ish books at 99 cents, 10 books at 1.99, or 6-7 books at 2.99 for the same $20. For even par on entertainment value, i’m going with at least 7 books giving me many hours of enjoyment rather than three or four for my $20. (The same goes for movies except moives are far less quality these days).

If I pay a few bucks for your work, like it, I’ll go find your back list.

Oh sorry traditionally published authors you don’t have your back list available?

You lose.

What’s that it will take your publisher years to get the new title out?

I’ve moved on to someone who is producing faster.


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File names

A while ago I downloaded a bunch of free books from places like freeonlinenovels and obooko and feedbooks. OIh yeah, Smashwords too.They came in various formats: pdf, epub, rtf.

Then they sat on my hard drive while i caught up on my blogs. (Calibre is lovely in that it allows me to turn rss into epubs).

I used calibre the other day to transfer all the files into epub. Kobo reads pdfs or epubs. Pdfs are fixed width format which makes reading them on a small screen difficult. Calibre (I should really pay for how much i use this beautiful program) can convert any file into epub. Not all files transfer well.

Now I have all these lovely files on my Kobo for reading.

The problem?

Some of the files I downloaded are downloaded as what the author saved the file as.

I have one file entitled this: Save_Me_Needs_Revising.

Doesn’t inspire me to start reading it. It’ll be at the bottom of the pile.

Many of the files don’t have title pages. Not pictures but the title of the book and the author name and website at least.Additonally I would add a version ie if you submit your file to Smashwords it says Smashwords version. Obooko gets a different title page.

My mission for the next week is to change my files to Title_AuthorName. That way no matter how the book is downloaded it has my name on it. And I shall also be adding a title page that has where the book was procured from and the title.

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Free review: Pirate's Angel

So I guess I found this via Free online novels. Which explains a lot since the site doesn’t do descriptions. The book is called Pirate’s Angel by Robyn Crane (more about her in a minute). I downloaded the rtf and used calibre to make it an epub.

After reading the first three or four chapter I nearly deleted the whole thing.

The “hero” is a pirate who kills several people in front of the heroine.

Yep, I was done. I had trouble getting to where he could come back from that and make me “love” him.

Then, he pretty much rapes her. Which killed the romance for me. Sorry Ms. Crane. No matter how turned on I was while asleep, when I wake up and find the pirate murderer fucking me and I say “Stop” and he keeps going, I don`t try to enjoy myself. I cry, scream and am unhappy.

So as a romance I find it a failure for me.

There were some good moments, the rape notwithstanding. I pretend that it didn`t happen for the rest of the novel for the sake of the characters. The writing could have used a polish, but overall not terrible.

In writing this review I went to Robyn Crane`s website. I read her lovely dialog with an editor who wanted to contract for her book. The exchange shows nicely why most indies want to be independent. We don`t want someone else telling us how our book should be written. So I might grab her other stuff for reading later.

Bonus: Smart Bitches want to know if you read self-pubbed works. Note: the blurb does not reflect all self-published works. Or hopefully many. How did he get on fictionwise anyway

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