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New book

Starting work on the next book. Which is kind of a rework of what Corey’s book was. Except I can’t port character parts over, plus I changed the heroine majorly, which changes conflict and therefore plot.

I was writing a scene the other night where the hero and heroine are flirting, or something. And I thought, it will be so interesting to see these two get together because I have no idea how to bridge that divide.

I don’t pre-plan my book past character development. I think everything comes from that. And even sometimes I don’t fully figure out the character issues until I’m half done a book. I was half into Complications over Coffee before I knew what Corey’s inner demon was. And then the whole thing came together. Total ah-ha moment.

Anyway, I’m floundering around now while I try to figure out what the hell this book will be about. The one after it, is a piece of cake but requires this one for an introduction of sorts.

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Damn Jenny Crusie

I love Jenny Crusie. I re-read Bet Me every year. I love her blog, she comes up with such great insight and she better keep them coming.

So when she wrote about Character making the book and how she watched Hitch recently and it had some issues mainly being this:

Then they got to Hitch and Sarah and knew they were in trouble because they’d created Perfect People.

I had an Uh-Oh moment when I finished reading it.

Kip and Mandy are perfect. That’s why the conflict feels contrived. That’s why the book isn’t selling very well.

There is no conflict. You go in knowing it’s going to be all right. You read the book and go “meh”.

I despair, because Ky and Serena were plotted first and written second. Kip and Mandy brought me Corey. He’s the plot in the book, he’s the one people are asking for.


Because he’s not perfect. He’s fucked up and funny as hell. And you just want to know how this guy gets a happily every after. He deserves one because he’s a person, but you can’t see how he’ll change enough to be relationship material.

But Kip is a good guy. At sixteen (Really Asrai, what were you thinking there? He was a sixteen-year-old guy. He didn’t fall for this chunky gal and have a hunky dory relationship and they were soul mates forever after. Missed some conflict potential), he knew that Mandy was the love of his life.

Mandy was flat. She didn’t really have a lot going on. I admit it.

I should go back and write it all again with the things I missed and have learned. But, now I have a ton of other things planned and I need to write them.

It’s complicated. I can’t un-release Second Chance Romance, because it brings you to other good things. It’s good back story for Serena and Ky and soon Corey. (I am SOO sad to be nearly done this book. I love the story. I love Corey. I hope everyone loves it as much as I do).

I have a short story I’ve written, but I think I might have to trash it, because the characters are also perfect. 😦

I’m annoyed now that I know about this perfect character bullshit. It’s sneaky. You want characters to be nice people. You don’t want them to be fucked up or hurting. But to make good conflict, you have to some imperfection and a lot of painful moments.

So I’m screwed.

Enhanced by ZemantaAnd also Jenny Crusie links to really FUNNY blogs. Like hyperbole and a half, which is the funniest damn blog I’ve read. Period. Go read it.


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Scene names

Ywriter lets you write a short description of each scene. Here are a few from Corey in no particular order:

Staying out of jail is a viable plan

All the usual suspects

Rick is a dick

OMG his tongue is in my mouth!

Real food can ruin a person

UFC in the afterglow.

Horror scene? Death row? No, speed dating

Fatty food and cheap movies are a mom’s substitute for a lot of alcohol

Even hearts of stone have a melting point

I’m enjoying my writing far too much which is making this book difficult to edit. But it seems everything is in the proper order.

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