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Where are the romances?

I went to the library last week and grabbed what I thought was a romance. It was chicklit.

Yes, there is a difference. Romance is boy meets girl, are attracted but not compatible, circumstances throw them together and they work things out.

Chicklit follows the woman’s journey more.  Usually the women are career women in their 20’s to 30’s who are a bit fluffy. They are floating along life thinking all is well, when they lose their job/boyfriend/husband/mind. And then they take control of their lives and turn things around.The conflict usually does not wholly centre around romance, but there is usually a romantic element.

There is nothing wrong with the chicklit genre. It’s good writing. But I want romance to be the focus of the conflict.

I love romance.

I want straight up contemporary (meaning modern times- I once saw Jane Austen categorized as contemp. Hello! no!) romance. No vampires, no 1800’s fashion, no wild west,no Navy SEALs.

I don’t mind an occasional paranormal. I love Lisa Kleypas and Susan Jeffries historicals. I love, love, love Suzanne Brockmann.

Are straight up romances only done by Harlequin now? My only problem with it is they are too short and my library doesn’t carry them anymore.

Anyone know if mainstream romance novels are dead? I’ll take cheap recommendations as well.

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