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Twitters is the new IRC

Back when I was young and the Internet was shiny to me I spent a lot of time on IRC chatrooms.

IRC is short for Internet Chat Relay. You connected to a network or “Net” via a client (program) and chatted in real-time and then you would join a channel (chatroom). It gets complicated from here with channel creators being operatives and having special powers and creating bots so no one could steal your channel away and all manner of crazy that would take me a whole post to explain.

I logged into Twitter this morning musing about hashtags and using Twitter to socialize and I realized Twitter is similar to IRC in some ways, it is the new IRC.

Ways Twitter is the same as IRC

1) People are using it for real time chat to connect with like minded people interested in the same thing.

There were chatrooms on IRC dedicated to any topic and if you couldn’t find a topic you connected with you could start your own. Friends of mine (from Sweden) started a pagan chatroom after discovering several of us were pagan from another channel and it brought others in and we expanded.

2) hashtags

When you joined a channel you used #pagan or #vampire.

On Twitter you label your posts with #amwriting or #mywana and you set up feeds to search for those hashtags. Fairly similar.

3) Clients

You can connect to Twitter on the website, but you don’t gain a lot of functionality. To really use Twitter, you need a client like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite.

4) World-wide connection

With Twitter you can find someone on the other side of the world who believes the same things you do.

I grew up in a town of 400 people. There were 16 graduates in my high school class. My parents were the first in town to get divorced in the history of the town. Really. I had to connect with people outside my town. I was at that time a pagan, I wanted to write, I wanted to connect with people who had BIG IDEAS. IRC and the internet were my dream come true.

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Short story from a picture

I have to link to the picture

Morgan put his hand up to open the door just as his phone rang. “Please don’t be Greta,” he muttered as he fumbled his phone out of his pocket while pushing the door open.

He sighed at the call display. His wife, Haile. He hadn’t planned on working this late. Again. He promised he’d be home for supper this time. He’d make it this time as well, if she didn’t demand a last-minute errand.

“I’m on my way,” he said.

“You’re late.”

He cringed. “I’m not late. If I drive the speed limit I’ll make it in time for supper.”

“Parker’s play is tonight.”

“Tonight? No, I put a reminder on my phone. It would have reminded me earlier.”

As if on cue, his phone made the reminder sound. Seriously? Mother of frickin’ for the love of all that is good and holy. Couldn’t forget the holy.

He stopped just outside the building. Not quite under the archways. He sighed. “What time does it start?”

“Thirty-eight minutes.”

He tapped his toe and weighed his options. “I’ll speed a little. Swing by pick you up. We’ll eat after.”

“We’ll be late.”

“Mt brother is the lead character. We’ll miss the first bit of the play.”

Morgan started off at a run for his car. “I’m on my way.” His feet thumped as he ran down the brick path, past the arches toward the parking lot and freedom.

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I’m evolving today.


“Subjectivity is the only possible approach to reviewing. What is a review but an opinion? Those who call for you to be objective are revealing that they have not given the matter a moment’s serious thought. Most times, those calling for objectivity are essentially saying they wish you had written a review that reflected their subjective opinion.” — Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times



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New blog

I am changing the focus of Coming Alive, but didn’t want to lose my writer’s blog.

I know Kirsten Lamb says more than one blog is unnecessary, but when I reveal the new focus of Coming Alive, it will make sense. But I have to get my house ready to put on the market so it will take me some time.

Meanwhile writing, bitching about writing and author promotion is now at, which is here.

Writing Asrai

It should have been but someone used and deleted it and wordpress has a stupid if you delete no one else can ever have it rule.

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What is make believe?

This post may cause you to believe I’ve gone over the edge.

I was reading ABCCreativity and she wrote

All together now: Activate Magic Bubble of Possibility

Which joined together with this quote from Jessa McBeth

I always feel a little helpless when people ask that question, because the answer is different for everyone—and mostly, we have to discover it for ourselves. In my experience people can see them anywhere and in any way—with clairvoyant sight, in dreams, in daydreams and visions, out of the corner of your eye, in your mind’s/heart’s eye, in shadows, in lights, in the patterns of tree bark or shower walls or carpet weave or lichen on stone…

And my brain said “What if all the things we say are make believe are real?”

I wrote a long time ago (cannot find this now) that I never believed in a God as a physical being. Maybe i still don’t.

I do believe in God and Goddess energy.

I used to talk to the faeries. And then I stopped because it couldn’t be real. But maybe it is.

I know the usual argument is there is no proof the spiritual, non-physical world exists. But there is no proof it doesn’t.

I still dislike religion. Anyone who believes they have the one “right” way to live is delusional. There is no right way. There is a good way and bad way, but it’s not black and white- it’s a freaking rainbow.

There are few things I can say with certainty are bad.

We tell ourselves stories about events we witness.

Like the guy who cut you off. He could be on his way to the hospital because his son was hurt or he is late for his daughter’s birthday supper. Or he just misjudged the space he had. Or he’s a jerk.

YOU DON’T KNOW. You can’t (unless you chase him down- but don’t because who is the road rager now plus he could have a gun).

So would you rather be calm and think happy thoughts or be depressed and angry?

The wonderful thing is you get to chose.  You get to choose if you believe in the Christian, Jewish or Muslim God, or perhaps one of the Pantheons or nothing at all if it works for you. You get to choose if you believe in faeries or Tarot cards or True Love.

Okay, so if you think  I’m certifiable- go away. If you like this, buy my books, tell your friends about them or review one. 🙂

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Romantic porn

As I was writing about taboos, it was coincidence day because a bunch of related links popped up on Twitter.

Like this review of Passion Play (okay that wasnt directly Twitter)

And It’s Not Pornographic… It’s Romantic!

Posts like these bother me.

What is so wrong with porn?

It is pretty natural to have sexual feelings. Even women have them these days.

It seems there is a superiority in women who don’t give in to their “baser” needs. Is this just old school guilt?

I mean, sure, erotic literature has a storyline. But the basis is sex. It’s not erotic if there is no sex.

Is erotic literature not meant to get the reader excited? Does having a storyline make it superior to porn? Or os this just old ideas that sexual feelings are bad to have outside having sex with your partner in a monogamous relationship?

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Crap I found interesting #1

Monday this came on a friend’s facebook feed:

FACEBOOK ALERT: As of today, NEW PRIVACY setting called “Instant Personalization” that shares data with non-Facebook websites and it is automatically set to “Enable.” Go to Account >Privacy Settings > Applications and Websites >Instant Personalization > Edit Settings, and un-check “Enable”. BTW if your friends don’t do this, they will be sharing information about you. PLEASE COPY & REPOST

When I went to mine it said Instant Personalization was not available to me.

Joel Friedlander on the self-publishing success of Australian author Marlo Morgan.

Link Between Vaccine and Autism ‘Fraudulent’

Via Jane Friedman’s There are No Rules I deleted the original post. I read Drop Dead Life Chapter 1 on Scribd.

Then I remembered I hadn’t updated my stuff on Scribd with the new edits so I did that too.

You are not so smart takes on why we procrastinate

My Smart Hands South Calgary has some lessons if you are considering having children

Every year we need a list of what things our kids won’t use when they are our ages. We still use most of them. Except Fax, I hate when I see a job posting and it has NO email. Hello people? Get real. No one faxes or uses mail anymore.

The rest of my facebook is taken up by *-ville games and whatever else my 8 year-old plays on there. (I won’t allow her to have her own).

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