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I was a member on Goodreads. I’m way too lazy busy to keep track of the books I read. Can’t always keep track of what I write (which reminds me I had the best idea for a line between hitting snooze on my alarm this morning and i haven’t forgot!).

Turns out I have reviews. Good ones. Well, good stars. And a mediocre review. Which  I totally agree with.

Second Chance Romance is an okay book.

Where I went wrong was the conflict, or rather lack thereof. I slapped in some at the end and as a result it was rather contrived and fair. I love the characters.  The book was a great learning experience. Summer Fling is stronger conflict wise, but I didn’t love the characters.

I’m struggling with conflict in the thing I’m working now. And I am realizing that is why I don’t want to write it. I hate abandoning shit I worked for many hours on, but I think it’s a write-off. Good idea, not so in excecution.I have a ton more ideas, so I don’t know why Iam attached to this one.

So, if i have a review on Goodreads have I made it?

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Taboos in Romance

I was pondering erotic romance taboos last night.

Like “cheating”. Can that ever work in romance? Is it allowed in erotica? Probably the latter, but I am so used to reading romance, especially  mainstream views à la mainstream review sites. You know where they are, I wont link.  Where fantasy isn’t always fantasy. Some of these reviewers espouse the view that romance needs to reflect moral values and standards.

As if you cannot indulge in incest, S&M, or rape fantasy without condoning such acts.

Just because I get some excitement from imagining some poor hapless girl forced to have sex, does not mean I EVER wish it to happen to anyone. When I think about the reality i get physically ill.

I know there are some people who can’t. Which leads to Amazon banning incest, under-18 erotica. (BTW, condoning teens having sex does not mean you want to fuck an underage kid. It just means you acknowledge teens as having adult hormones and feelings.)

Come on people. These have been used in private fantasies and in books for ages.

I still have no idea why there is an outcry when it comes to fantasy sex, but none about fantasy murder. I can watch people being stabbed, shot, cut apart 24 hours a day. My daughter can view it EVERY night on television. But if I want to read about a brother and sister doing each other I have to jump through hoops.

(Not that I want my eight-year-old to watch sex either. We almost can’t watch television with her anymore. I really don’t think Two and a Half men is quality family viewing either.

So back to the original point.

What breaks a romance for you? For me, it was the murder and rape in Robyn Cranes Pirate’s Angel by the hero. Hero commits murder, kidnaps her, more or less forces himself on her and she falls n love.

Can you get away with more if it’s not romance and strictly erotic? I havent read much erotica so I don’t know as much.

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I wrote blatant smut yesterday. There is a story-line in it. But it’s smut.

I love writing smut. Sex is great.

Which is funny because I went to write a sex-scene in my current romance WIP and I decided I don’t need to get explicit.

I find it harder in romance to write sex. Because it’s about the feelings and moving the story forward and it has to have a certain romantic feel to it. Which is hard to write in a new way every time.

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File names

A while ago I downloaded a bunch of free books from places like freeonlinenovels and obooko and feedbooks. OIh yeah, Smashwords too.They came in various formats: pdf, epub, rtf.

Then they sat on my hard drive while i caught up on my blogs. (Calibre is lovely in that it allows me to turn rss into epubs).

I used calibre the other day to transfer all the files into epub. Kobo reads pdfs or epubs. Pdfs are fixed width format which makes reading them on a small screen difficult. Calibre (I should really pay for how much i use this beautiful program) can convert any file into epub. Not all files transfer well.

Now I have all these lovely files on my Kobo for reading.

The problem?

Some of the files I downloaded are downloaded as what the author saved the file as.

I have one file entitled this: Save_Me_Needs_Revising.

Doesn’t inspire me to start reading it. It’ll be at the bottom of the pile.

Many of the files don’t have title pages. Not pictures but the title of the book and the author name and website at least.Additonally I would add a version ie if you submit your file to Smashwords it says Smashwords version. Obooko gets a different title page.

My mission for the next week is to change my files to Title_AuthorName. That way no matter how the book is downloaded it has my name on it. And I shall also be adding a title page that has where the book was procured from and the title.

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Learning curve

I was reading a blog about why people hate self-published and indie published. I learned there is a belief that they are no interchangeable. Indie= small press. Self is DIY.

Also, a lot of people believe self-published authors think their stuff is the greatest and can’t see their own flaws and overestimate their abilities.

I know that my stuff isn’t perfect. I’m unsure how bad, because I can’t go back and read it without wanting to do a full-scale edit. Which, maybe, I should do.

Sometimes when I read stuff like this I get anxious about my work. I shouldn’t even have my stuff out there because it’s not as good as gold. I need to pay an editor or I should not show anyone but I should be submitting it to people.

Then I log into Amazon to delete my works and find that: I sold 5 copies of Second Chance Romance and 5 copies of Summer Fling on Amazon in August.

Not huge numbers, but this is a book many people would say “should never see the light of day.”

I’m glad there are readers out there willing to take a chance on us non-publisher vetted writers.

Say what you want about my spelling and grammar (tho, spell check- how any self-published book gets out with spelling errors is odd- spell check is your friend. Tho I did once accidentally release a non-spell checked version of Colours of the Rain and didn’t notice for a few days). Where was I? My grammar might be off, but my storytelling is solid.

I keep futzing with the cover of Second Chance. I now have this vision of a heart-puck sailing for a goalie with green eyes. But I don’t have the skills to pull it off. I consider hiring a graphic designer to do my cover. But then I’d feel bad for the inside of the book and want an editor.

So I think my plan is to have a separate accounting of the pittance I make for my books and when I get some monies saved up, (I’m not working and writing is just my hobby not paying de bills), then hire someone. Not sure if for past works or upcoming works. We will see.

But either way, still waiting for complaints. Or reviews. I think they call them reviews.

So, I always manage to talk myself down from the anxiety and tell myself that I just want to be read. I don’t need to make money from it. The future is not now.

I’m doing this my way.

Okay, I’m stepping away from the delete button.

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And then there were three or none

Okay, well that’s the three versions of Corey that came before the official version. Which I’m working on. Don’t rush me!

The last one I abandoned because I didn’t feel it was going anywhere. There was no drive for me to get to the next scene. If I wasn’t feeling it, the reader wouldn’t either.

I outlined a second one with Mac Black moving to Calgary to live with Doug because she has detached retina and needed care. But after I wrote the outline I didn’t care for the conflict stuff again. Garbage.

So, that’s the tour.

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Free review: Pirate's Angel

So I guess I found this via Free online novels. Which explains a lot since the site doesn’t do descriptions. The book is called Pirate’s Angel by Robyn Crane (more about her in a minute). I downloaded the rtf and used calibre to make it an epub.

After reading the first three or four chapter I nearly deleted the whole thing.

The “hero” is a pirate who kills several people in front of the heroine.

Yep, I was done. I had trouble getting to where he could come back from that and make me “love” him.

Then, he pretty much rapes her. Which killed the romance for me. Sorry Ms. Crane. No matter how turned on I was while asleep, when I wake up and find the pirate murderer fucking me and I say “Stop” and he keeps going, I don`t try to enjoy myself. I cry, scream and am unhappy.

So as a romance I find it a failure for me.

There were some good moments, the rape notwithstanding. I pretend that it didn`t happen for the rest of the novel for the sake of the characters. The writing could have used a polish, but overall not terrible.

In writing this review I went to Robyn Crane`s website. I read her lovely dialog with an editor who wanted to contract for her book. The exchange shows nicely why most indies want to be independent. We don`t want someone else telling us how our book should be written. So I might grab her other stuff for reading later.

Bonus: Smart Bitches want to know if you read self-pubbed works. Note: the blurb does not reflect all self-published works. Or hopefully many. How did he get on fictionwise anyway

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