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I’m evolving today.


“Subjectivity is the only possible approach to reviewing. What is a review but an opinion? Those who call for you to be objective are revealing that they have not given the matter a moment’s serious thought. Most times, those calling for objectivity are essentially saying they wish you had written a review that reflected their subjective opinion.” — Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times



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Free Second Chance Romance

Since Second Chance Romance is distributed to the world minus Amazon via Smashwords for free, Amazon said it was doing a price match.

So, Second Chance is Free on Amazon.

And I have it categorized as Erotica. Therefore, I got 10,000+ downloads yesterday. Another thousand this morning. It was #1 in Erotica, and #17 on the Kindle list.

I can’t check what it is this morning because I’m refusing to look. I’m refusing to look because I don’t know if there are new reviews. I dont’ want to read reviews. I’m more or less happy with the book. I don’t know what others will think of it. I don’t what people will think of it being listed as erotic. There are three or four sex scenes and one of those is anal.

I think that reviews will hurt me, but they do. I take them personally. I am disappointed when people say they don’t like it. And I don’t want to be one of those authors that goes crazy and starts yelling about negative reviews. So I’m not going to look.

It’s been a weird day for me. Summer Fling and Complications over Coffee are up as well. Not huge, like 20 books each, but that’s more than I usually get in a month.

I haven’t seen an uptick on blog traffic either. We will see in the next few weeks what happens.

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Free review: Pirate's Angel

So I guess I found this via Free online novels. Which explains a lot since the site doesn’t do descriptions. The book is called Pirate’s Angel by Robyn Crane (more about her in a minute). I downloaded the rtf and used calibre to make it an epub.

After reading the first three or four chapter I nearly deleted the whole thing.

The “hero” is a pirate who kills several people in front of the heroine.

Yep, I was done. I had trouble getting to where he could come back from that and make me “love” him.

Then, he pretty much rapes her. Which killed the romance for me. Sorry Ms. Crane. No matter how turned on I was while asleep, when I wake up and find the pirate murderer fucking me and I say “Stop” and he keeps going, I don`t try to enjoy myself. I cry, scream and am unhappy.

So as a romance I find it a failure for me.

There were some good moments, the rape notwithstanding. I pretend that it didn`t happen for the rest of the novel for the sake of the characters. The writing could have used a polish, but overall not terrible.

In writing this review I went to Robyn Crane`s website. I read her lovely dialog with an editor who wanted to contract for her book. The exchange shows nicely why most indies want to be independent. We don`t want someone else telling us how our book should be written. So I might grab her other stuff for reading later.

Bonus: Smart Bitches want to know if you read self-pubbed works. Note: the blurb does not reflect all self-published works. Or hopefully many. How did he get on fictionwise anyway

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Reviews: His Lady Mistress and a SS

His Lady Mistress was a free download via Kobo from Harelquin. I stayed up til 2 Am trying to finish the book, only to find I have 4 chapters left to read and that Max, the Earl of Blakehurst was going to take a long while to get a clue and stop being an ass.

Okay the story starts out with a young lady sneaking around in the rain I think. She’s chasing the men who are burying her father who committed suicide. She eventually is found by Max who turns out to have served under her father.

When she is shipped off to live with rich relatives she has a Cinderella type next 5 years. She is mistreated by her aunt, uncle and 2 cousins. Until Max shows up looking for the girl he helped years ago. He doesn’t recognize her and dearest Uncle claims she’s dead.

Max sees how she’s mistreated and not recognizing her proposes to take her as his mistress. She says no repeatedly, then yes. And then he finds out that she is really Verity Scott and gets really pissed and marries her out of some weird duty. He goes on and on about how she tricked him because she wanted to get married. Despite her protests that she didn’t.

Thus is the theme for the book. Verity tries to do something to get released by him and he gets pissed at her for lying to him. Lather, rinse, repeat several times.

One chapter he’s going around saying he’ll win her heart and then he yells at her and makes her feel like shit.

By the last time it happened I was tired of the typical misleadings of other characters some inadvertently, some deliberately. It could have ended several chapters sooner. It started to feel like filler to make the book a certain length.

Overall, it was a good book. Who doesn’t want to be rescued by a handsome Earl they’ve been in love with for years?

I also read Red Riding Hood by Naomi Kramer. Which I only bring up so you’ll avoid it. It could be a good book but it seems more like an outline.

There is an adult costume party. Rosie dresses up like Little Red Riding Hood and Roger is the wolf. They aren’t together. Rosie wants to fuck the bartender but there are rules. The Wolf  hits on her and she thinks idiot, the bartender thinks he’s an idiot. Rosie and Roger end up going home together (no reason why) and they fuck for hours, because he’s a wolf with stamina.

The story could be decent with some character development. Maybe.

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Review: Conrad's First Girl

Excessia publishes erotic fiction not for the light hearted. Things such as non-consent and incest, which are too taboo for other publishers, you can find in the shelves of Excessia.

Conrad’s First Girl by Varian Kyrlov is a free short story from Excessia.

It starts out describing Conrad, rather poetically, as good-looking, being able to read people, patient and confident in his seductive skills. Which suit him for his new “predilection”, which is not described yet, but is the basis of the story.

And then we delve into the story of Conrad preying on young, average college student Elsie. At the end of their first date, he invites himself upstairs and lets her watch him masturbate. There is an air of forcefulness in the text, but he never touches or threatens her explicitly.

She finds herself frightened, humiliated and turned-on. The second scene describes her emotions in detail as she sits outside his lavcious house for their second date.

If you’ve had fantasies of force and worried about them coming true, you can easily put yourself in Elsie’s place emotionally.

Would you go in for a second date? More important for our story, if she goes in what will happen to her this time? During their first date Conrad promises, ” “Not tonight, but one night very soon, Elsie, you’re going to feel my cock inside of you.”

This is a prequel to Abduction by the same author, but works well as a stand alone.

The implied force and humiliation is never explicit, he leaves the choice to continue up to her. It makes for a very hot read.

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101 Degrees Farenheit: Book Review

101 Degrees Farenheit by Eva Gale is the second most downloaded books on Smashwords, second only to  It is a short story running just over 5000 words and is free for download.

The story starts out with the heroine, Kathy Roberts’ air conditioner breaking. She props open the door of Great Headz Barber to try to get some air flow, as it is indeed 101 degrees farenheit outside.

Lucky for her she’s on her last customer of the day. Then she’ll close up shop and head to her sister’s for a barbecue. She starts making small talk with the customer in her chair. His profession, mechanic. How did she come up with the name for her shop?

And then, as she is reaching around him, he noses her breasts. She reprimands, and he apologizes. The hair cut goes on and he takes an opportunity for a taste of her- well, she is wearing a shirt. She tells him he’d better go. He responds by pulling her closer and agreeing to go: after he kisses her for one minute.

She threatens to call the police. He pulls her closer and kisses her anyway. She feels a thrill that she hasn’t felt in a long time. He closes up the shop and shoves her on the chair.

The characters had a nice chemistry between them as their story unfolds. The sex was very well done. The author has a nice mix between build up inside the characters and the actual physical motions they go through. There was also a nice mash-up of back story of the characters and what they were going through during the story.

101 Degrees Fahrenheit by Eva Gale available on Smashwords.

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Goddess Sexuality

For I am the first and the last

I am the venerates and the despised

I am the prostitute and the saint

I am the wife and the virgin

I am the mother and the daughter

I am the arms of my mother

I am barren and my children are many

I am the married woman and the spinster

I am the woman who gives birth and she

who never procreated

I am the consolation for the pain of birth

I am the wife and the husband
And it was my man who created me
I am the mother of my father

I am the sister of my husband

And he is my rejected son

Always respect me

For I am the shameful and the magnificent one

Hymn to Isis, third or fourth century BC, discovered in Nag Hammadi

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