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Twitters is the new IRC

Back when I was young and the Internet was shiny to me I spent a lot of time on IRC chatrooms.

IRC is short for Internet Chat Relay. You connected to a network or “Net” via a client (program) and chatted in real-time and then you would join a channel (chatroom). It gets complicated from here with channel creators being operatives and having special powers and creating bots so no one could steal your channel away and all manner of crazy that would take me a whole post to explain.

I logged into Twitter this morning musing about hashtags and using Twitter to socialize and I realized Twitter is similar to IRC in some ways, it is the new IRC.

Ways Twitter is the same as IRC

1) People are using it for real time chat to connect with like minded people interested in the same thing.

There were chatrooms on IRC dedicated to any topic and if you couldn’t find a topic you connected with you could start your own. Friends of mine (from Sweden) started a pagan chatroom after discovering several of us were pagan from another channel and it brought others in and we expanded.

2) hashtags

When you joined a channel you used #pagan or #vampire.

On Twitter you label your posts with #amwriting or #mywana and you set up feeds to search for those hashtags. Fairly similar.

3) Clients

You can connect to Twitter on the website, but you don’t gain a lot of functionality. To really use Twitter, you need a client like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite.

4) World-wide connection

With Twitter you can find someone on the other side of the world who believes the same things you do.

I grew up in a town of 400 people. There were 16 graduates in my high school class. My parents were the first in town to get divorced in the history of the town. Really. I had to connect with people outside my town. I was at that time a pagan, I wanted to write, I wanted to connect with people who had BIG IDEAS. IRC and the internet were my dream come true.

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The new trend in job interviews/applications is asking for your username AND passwords to any social networking site, in particular Facebook.


Any job that is that interested in my personal life is too much.

In my off hours I’m allowed to engage in any legal activity and broadcast that to the world if I want.

I’m paranoid enough about my writing hobby getting out. I try to use my pseudonym and not my real name wherever possible. And I’m careful about where my real name is used. I’m about ready to use one of those IP masker so anything with this name can’t be traced back to my account.

Would I be judged on Facebook for joining LBGT Rights Groups? announcing my Atheism?  On of my groups is Pro-Sex Liberals Against Child Abuse. How would that fare?

What I do on Facebook is none of your business. My email is also private. I understand that anything I write online could be accessed publicly, albeit not easily but it’s possible.

Anyway, I think it’s ridiculous that anyone would ask for my private password. There is a reason you have to set a password. PRIVACY. Invasion of privacy. How long before one of these employers are sued for invasion of privacy?


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this is my idea of a facebook
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I’ve been thinking this morning (I know thinking. In the morning?! On a day off work) about how much to put on-line about myself.

There are things about myself that I would like to express somewhere, but for many reasons I fear there could be reprecussions.

I know people who put everything out there. And I know people who hide themselves like they are in a witness protection program. Most people are in between.

Facebook is the worst culprit when it comes to privacy invasion, I think. But you can change your settings so only your friends can see. But, then you have to carefully keep track of your friends. But it’s easy to say too much anywhere and be found out and get into a lot of trouble.

I want to be one of those people who is like “to hell with what anyone else thinks” but I’m not. I like my job.  I don’t want my mother to be able to find out my secrets. Had that happen once when I was a neophyte Livejournal user. Oh so long ago.

So, how much personal infromation do you put out on your blog, twitter or facebook?

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