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Twitters is the new IRC

Back when I was young and the Internet was shiny to me I spent a lot of time on IRC chatrooms.

IRC is short for Internet Chat Relay. You connected to a network or “Net” via a client (program) and chatted in real-time and then you would join a channel (chatroom). It gets complicated from here with channel creators being operatives and having special powers and creating bots so no one could steal your channel away and all manner of crazy that would take me a whole post to explain.

I logged into Twitter this morning musing about hashtags and using Twitter to socialize and I realized Twitter is similar to IRC in some ways, it is the new IRC.

Ways Twitter is the same as IRC

1) People are using it for real time chat to connect with like minded people interested in the same thing.

There were chatrooms on IRC dedicated to any topic and if you couldn’t find a topic you connected with you could start your own. Friends of mine (from Sweden) started a pagan chatroom after discovering several of us were pagan from another channel and it brought others in and we expanded.

2) hashtags

When you joined a channel you used #pagan or #vampire.

On Twitter you label your posts with #amwriting or #mywana and you set up feeds to search for those hashtags. Fairly similar.

3) Clients

You can connect to Twitter on the website, but you don’t gain a lot of functionality. To really use Twitter, you need a client like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite.

4) World-wide connection

With Twitter you can find someone on the other side of the world who believes the same things you do.

I grew up in a town of 400 people. There were 16 graduates in my high school class. My parents were the first in town to get divorced in the history of the town. Really. I had to connect with people outside my town. I was at that time a pagan, I wanted to write, I wanted to connect with people who had BIG IDEAS. IRC and the internet were my dream come true.

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Having Fun Instead

The writing/publishing world is abuzz about the best way to publish. And by best, they usually mean, what will make you the most money, how you will get the most people to buy your book.

There have also been some discussions in self/indie publishing about pricing. Is 99 cents too low? Unprofessional? Does it attract the wrong type of customer? Are readers who buy 99 cent books just hoarding them? Is it a good way to build a fan base? Do 99 cent books lack quality of story? What about editing?

I believed it for a while. I read the blog posts. I followed the industry closely. I questioned my own plans.

And it came to me recently.


I am not having fun with writing anymore.

I’m worried about my sales ranking and making money and if I need to hire an editor or cover artist and if I should raise my prices. I  worried about writing the next book in the Up in Flames series. I worried about whether the whole contemporary romance thing was even worth it because paranormal is HOT now. Historical does fairly well. Contemporary is a lukewarm market unless you sign with Harlequin.

The point of this for me was to write my ideas. To have fun making up stories. To dream up these fantasy lovers who are flawed men, who sweep women off their feet. These fantasies we dreamt about in high school.

I am not doing that anymore.

I’m having ideas that I’m playing with. As I’m working on them, I feel pressured to market and produce. I’m worried about what people are going to think of my writing (okay, I’ve always been worried about that. I used to keep at my stuff hidden from my family. IT’s still easier to share with total strangers than my mother.)

I want to have fun.

For the next while, anyway, I’m going to have fun with writing and reading. I’m going to read free and 99 cent reads from Smashwords and review them. (Though, to be honest, I’m worried about having to give bad reviews, but any review is better than none). I’m going to break all the rules. In fact, I’m going to write new ones.

The FUN Code (more like guidelines?)

#1 No Self-Promotion. No linking to myself.

Caveat to #1. To inform people of this project I have to tell them about it. But it’s project promotion so others can read my promotion of others. And I’m hoping other authors will give up on promotion and money made being the end all of success. I want other authors to measure how much fun they are having writing, like the good old days. Besides, most of us aren’t selling that many copies anyway. We might as well give up and have fun.

#2. No writing stuff that isn’t fun. I can even abandon projects in the middle of working on them if I don’t feel the flow.

#3. Read for fun. Review what I read. Promote what the good, and maybe some bad. Write e-mails with details to the bad and ugly telling them where things have gone wrong. Especially regarding blurbs. I read a lot of bad blurbs lately.

#4 Unsubscribe and delete all industry blogs. For me this is Konrath’s blog, Jane Friedman‘s blog, Publetariat, Ditchwalk, and anything related to productivity (urgh! I am at the point of loathing productivity blogs. I don’t need another tip on how to get more done. Give me tips for getting more FUN) and anything related to writing that isn’t about how AWESOME it is to make shit up.

Caveat for #4. If you want to go hard-core, unfollow those bloggers on Twitter and unlike them on Facebook.

#5. Wasting time is not a crime punishable by beating myself up. Making mistakes is encouraged.

#6. Reach out to other authors and share insights, info on their work and encouragement.

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I was a member on Goodreads. I’m way too lazy busy to keep track of the books I read. Can’t always keep track of what I write (which reminds me I had the best idea for a line between hitting snooze on my alarm this morning and i haven’t forgot!).

Turns out I have reviews. Good ones. Well, good stars. And a mediocre review. Which  I totally agree with.

Second Chance Romance is an okay book.

Where I went wrong was the conflict, or rather lack thereof. I slapped in some at the end and as a result it was rather contrived and fair. I love the characters.  The book was a great learning experience. Summer Fling is stronger conflict wise, but I didn’t love the characters.

I’m struggling with conflict in the thing I’m working now. And I am realizing that is why I don’t want to write it. I hate abandoning shit I worked for many hours on, but I think it’s a write-off. Good idea, not so in excecution.I have a ton more ideas, so I don’t know why Iam attached to this one.

So, if i have a review on Goodreads have I made it?

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Romantic porn

As I was writing about taboos, it was coincidence day because a bunch of related links popped up on Twitter.

Like this review of Passion Play (okay that wasnt directly Twitter)

And It’s Not Pornographic… It’s Romantic!

Posts like these bother me.

What is so wrong with porn?

It is pretty natural to have sexual feelings. Even women have them these days.

It seems there is a superiority in women who don’t give in to their “baser” needs. Is this just old school guilt?

I mean, sure, erotic literature has a storyline. But the basis is sex. It’s not erotic if there is no sex.

Is erotic literature not meant to get the reader excited? Does having a storyline make it superior to porn? Or os this just old ideas that sexual feelings are bad to have outside having sex with your partner in a monogamous relationship?

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I have a newsletter now. Just for new releases and special stuff going on. No more than a couple times a year.

Bonus: if you subscribe you get a free special edition of Second Chance Romance organized chronologically rather than with flashbacks. I didn’t spend a ton of time on this because I have a lot going on, but I wanted to do something special.

I have more stuff to come. Stay tuned. But this blog is kind of at the bottom of the list for obvious reasons.

You can check out the details on “FREE FOR FANS” page. Or send SUBSCRIBE to asraidevin@gmail.com

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Finding proof

When you are looking for something it seems to pop-up. It was there all along and you’d probably have seen it anyway, but you wouldn’t have noticed it. Like when you buy or decide to buy a certain make and model of car and suddenly, you see them everywhere.

I wrote about positive thinking and failure. Then I stumbled upon (not through Stumble Upon, but through Twitter and linking around, I don’t have the exact log) a video post from Ridiculously Extraordinary about failure. Or rather, how there is no failure.

Watching it reinforced my own ideas. Having something not work out isn’t failure. There is no failure, if you use it as a learning step. If you use it to reframe your attempts. Also, there is no need to get things perfect.

What’s perfect anyway?

I have this desire to go back and re-edit Second Chance Romance and Summer Fling. Most second Chance because I love it so much and I know it can be better. I can’t even look at the copy that my mom has because I start making notes.

I haven’t done so yet. I need to finish Corey’s story first and then maybe. Then again, no. No. NO!

It’s not perfect, but that’s okay. It was my first attempt and I succeeded I finished the story. It could be better. A lot of things could, but it is good enough. I learned a lot from that book and no one has asked for their money back or written to tell me how much I suck. Too me that’s something.

I’m going to leave Second Chance Romance as is. It is perfect as it is. I’m never going to have perfect grammar in my writing. Someday, maybe I’ll hire an editor. Or not.

Do I need to get publisher perfect? What makes that the ultimate goal? Newspapers, probably the most widely read medium, are written at a grade nine level.

I’m going to move on and make the next thing better and bigger. Not dwell on the past.

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Find more information at …

Y’know at the end of E-published free books they have a short bio and other works by the author.

Mine used to say: contact the author at … Other books are … with links.

I’m changing this, at least in subsequent books, starting with Colours of the Rain, to the following:

Email the author about her shitty writing, grammer and spelling: at asraidevin@shaw.ca

Bad writing in 140 characters on Twitter. http://www.twitter.com/asrai

Writing badly about my life blog at http://comingalive.wordpress.com

Discover other titles bad writing by Asrai Devin at Smashwords.com

I may go and change this in Second chance Romance and Summer Fling. So far, no takers on the complaining. I worry because I don`t get any hate mail.  Not even when I say porn is awesome or when I spell becuase and forget to spell check.

I really should write but I`m holding a sweet baby! SEE!Who can write at a time like this!

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